Payroll Services


Évangéline-Central Credit Union offers a payroll service to help businesses manage their payroll administration.  Not only will you be saving service charge fees but best of all, it allows you more free time since you don’t have a pile of cheques to write. 

How do I take advantage of this free service?  It’s a simple 3-step process.

  1. List all employee names, their account number at Évangéline-Central Credit Union as well as the amount to be deposited.
  2. Have the signing officers of the business sign the form and indicate which day you’d like to have the payroll administered.
  3. Drop it off or fax it to us at 854-3210 in Wellington, 859-3219 in O'Leary or 831-2902 in Tyne Valley.

It’s quick, simple and best of all it’s a FREE service.  Take advantage of this great service today and stop writing cheques!


Click here to download a copy of the payroll form.