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Executive Leadership

Alfred Arsenault Chief Executive Officer 902-854-3900
Craig Noonan Chief Operating Officer 902-854-3912

Commercial Services

Ben Murphy Chief Commercial Officer 902-859-4054
Charlotte Coughlin Commercial Administration Officer 902-859-4055
Katie Lidstone Commercial Administration Officer 902-859-4060
Sheila-May Muttart Commercial Services Officer  902-854-3917

Financial Solutions

Craig MacLean Director of Financial Solutions 902-831-3633
Gisele Gallant Financial Services Specialist 902-854-3909
Bethany Pridham Financial Services Officer 902-859-4056
Danielle McRae Financial Services Officer 902-859-4077
Dianne Getson Financial Services Officer 902-854-3908
Sandra Palmer Financial Services Officer 902-831-3632
Jessica Gallant Financial Services Associate 902-831-3634
Lacey Ellsworth Financial Services Associate 902-859-2266

Wealth Management

Krista Ahern CU Financial Management  Rep. 902-888-5530
Sharon Gallant CU Financial Management Rep. 902-853-6020

Member Experience

Angele Moore Director of Member Experience 902-854-3901
Liette McInnis Receptionist 902-854-2595
Angela Phillips Member Services Rep. 902-854-2595
Beverly Shea Member Services Rep. 902-859-2266
Jennifer Oakley Member Services Rep. 902-854-2595
Julie Millar Member Services Rep. 902-831-2900
Patty Grant Member Services Rep. 902-859-2266
Samuel Bouchard Member Services Rep. 902-854-2595
Sherran Sweet Member Services Rep. 902-831-2900
Carley Allain Summer Student MSR 902-859-2266

Organizational Support

Denise Arsenault Director of Organizational Support 902-854-3906
Alyssa Harper Administration Officer 902-854-3915
Donna Cahill Administration Officer 902-859-4057
Joan St. John Administration Officer 902-831-3639
Melissa Gallant Administration Officer 902-859-4067
Tina DesRoches Administration Officer 902-854-3915

Marketing, Communication and Community Relations

Diane McInnis Marketing and Communications Officer 902-854-3907

People & Culture

Careers Careers 902-859-2266
Terry Wood Director of People and Culture 902-859-4068

Projects & Technology Solutions

Marc Côté Project Manager 902-854-3911


Privacy Officer Privacy Officer 902-854-2595