Boards and Elections

Board Selection

Évangéline-Central Credit Union is a democratic financial institution that operates with the best interests of our owners, community and environment in mind. You could play an integral role in shaping the future direction of this progressive, dynamic, and caring organization.  The directors reflect the community they serve.  It is important to have a strong board made up of a diverse group of people. 

How do Directors make a difference?

As policy makers, directors are instrumental in effecting positive changes which ensures growth and development for the Credit Union and community.  Directors often provide a fresh look from a different perspective, assisting the Credit Union in being responsive to owner needs, and often leading to technological innovation and new services.

Who is eligible to become a director?

A person who is a citizen of Canada, 19 years of age or older, an owner of the credit union and who satisfies the requirements set out in the by-laws of the credit union may be a director, unless he or she:

  1. is an undischarged bankrupt person;
  2. is an employee of a credit union, a trade association or the guarantee corporation;
  3. is not bondable; is an auditor, or a member of the auditor's firm, of that credit union;
  4. is a parent, child, spouse, brother or sister of an employee of the credit union;
  5. is the solicitor of that credit union;
  6. is a public employee whose official duties are concerned with the affairs of credit unions;
  7. is a person who has a loan with the credit union on which principle or interest is in arrears for a period established by regulation.

What would be expected from me?

As a director, you are the Credit Union's link to the ownership, to whom the Credit Union is accountable for all policies and decisions.  The other major role of a director is to ensure sound management of the Credit Union and to safeguard the owners' assets.

What are my obligations as a director?

  • A director has a duty to see that everything a Credit Union does is done within the law
  • Directors make decisions on the policies of the Credit Union.  They evaluate risk and accept liability if they are responsible for violation of provincial guidelines.
  • Directors can reduce or eliminate their liability if they direct the affairs of the Credit Union with honesty and reason, to the best of their abilities.

Is training provided?

The Credit Union Director Achievement (CUDA) program provides new directors the knowledge and skills to be active board participants more quickly and experienced directors the information they need to stay current.

The CUDA program offers a blend of web and classroom courses that by their nature, provide valuable networking opportunities.  The emphasis of the program is understanding the authority, responsibility and accountability of directors.  It also focuses on a broad range of topics from financial reporting, financial statements and performance planning.

Get on Board!

To submit your name or to nominate someone in becoming a director of Évangéline-Central Credit Union's Board, please contact the Board President, Imelda Arsenault at no later than March 5th, 2021 and get on board!